Nacala Logistics is the first railway company in Malawi operating in the Nacala Corridor, connecting countries of Mozambique and Zambia. The company is focused on transportation of coal, general cargo and passengers.

Coal Transportation: We provide coal transportation and handling from Nacala through Malawi to Moatize in Mozambique. Each train has the capacity to transport 7,560 tons of coal, following a cycle of 81.25 hours.

General Freight: Our cargo trains carry over 2880 freight tones per train trip. We move containerized, bagged, bulk and wet cargo to and from Malawi via the port of Nacala.

Wet Cargo: We move wet cargo from Nacala to Blantyre. This is mostly diesel as well as edible oils.

Dry Cargo: We transport dry cargo, the most common cargo transported under this service include: Wheat grain, fertilizer, pigeon peas and general cargo.

Passenger Service: We operate a regular passenger train service with Standard and Business class coaches, fully furnished with air conditioners and water borne toilets for the passengers’ comfort.

Our services